Early Computer Game Resurrected on iPad: iAdventure

The oldest computer game has returned on the newest computer hardware.

Modern gamers and aging geeks alike will be intrigued with the combination of ultra- modern iPad technology and the world's first interactive computer game.

In 1978, Internet pioneer Will Crowley wrote the world's first computer adventure game in his spare time. The game spread rapidly through the fledgling network and countless hours of programming time were lost as early hackers plumbed it's depths. The original Adventure spawned an entire genre of adventure games and remains today the archetype.

In iAdventure, the venerable text-based game is presented in an authentic progressive- display "glass-teletype" font enhanced with changing background images and eerie sound effects. Extras include the complete game source code in a syntax-color-coded viewer and an in-game browser that provides links to Adventure tips and even a map for the game.

The developer of iAdventure relates, "It was unexpectedly difficult to replicate the behavior of a 1970's-era video display terminal on the iPad. Putting one characer at a time on the screen just isn't something that happens in programs any more. A lot of the standard tools programmers use today just weren't applicable."

A self-professed geek, he continues, "I included geek-friendly features like the full source code to the original game. Things I would have loved when I first played the game. I couldn't resist adding some extra touches though, like those computer-output noises you hear when computer output is displayed in a sci-fi movie."

Anton Fleig, the developer of iAdventure, is a 35-year veteran programmer who himself lost many hours playing the original Adventure on hardcopy as well as glass teletype terminals.

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